What Happens When You Don’t Claim Your Belongings

An ideal self storage business would not only store your goods in a proper and secured manner, but also make its policies fair and clear, in case of your being unable to pay for storage for any reason. A part of your self storage contract that you should be careful to consider is your exact obligations to keep up your payment for the renting of a storage unit or units, and what happens if for any reason you do not; self storage businesses can invariably put up your unclaimed belongings for auction and it is entitled to do it. But when and how this can be done is up to the specific regulation of the state regarding such matters.

You should 1) be sure that you can keep up your agreed rent, 2) have someone in your family or a friend know about the whereabouts of your belongings in case you encounter an emergency or preoccupation for a long period of time, 3) make sure of the default clarified in the lease you signed with your choice of self storage business. The default refers to the specific period of time after your due payment, after which you will be unable to access your belongings. This is usually from five days to thirty days. So if a self storage business has a seven days default, it means that it will wait for seven days after your rent is due but not paid, and at the end of the seven days you would not be able to access your goods without paying up the owed sum of money.

The contract you signed with a self storage facility business entails a lien against your possessions; the lien allows the business to recoup what you owe to it by selling off the items stored in your rented unit or units. But typically this is not an immediate result of your failure to pay your rent. An auction is and should be the last resort for a self storage business and you will have been notified several times in several ways.

A self storage business would have called you, written at least one letter to you or sent an email to you before it proceeds with an auction, which also has to be advertised in a local newspaper, a renowned auction website on the internet, and/or posted somewhere near the storage business. You will have received a phone call right after the default urging you to pay the amount you owe the business before regaining access to your property. You may be able to see the reason why you should let members of your friends or family know just in case you get involved in an accident, made to leave the country in a hurry or something of the kind, especially if you have a valuable item or something of sentimental or personal value stored by a self storage facility. It often is not easy to reach people through regular mail so it would be good to make sure the storage business of your choice has your email address.