Seeking Relocation Advice

All of us are relatively inexperienced with moving house, especially if it is moving from one state to another. For that reason, it is only reasonable that we should seek some advice as to the best stress free solution. For that advice we are best advised to ask our interstate furniture removalists solution. After all, they are the experts and their previous customers must have encountered just about every stressful situation which could be experienced during a move. As these removal companies move people, even interstate, on a daily basis, they are ideally situated to give us all the advice we may ask for. Most companies will not mind giving help with advice as, at the end of the day, it will make life easier for them as well.

One piece of advice they may not offer though, is about insurance for your belongings whilst they are on route. None of the companies are likely to have insurance cover that includes your furniture but, some may offer it as an optional extra, complete with extra cost. Your furniture will be travelling a lot of miles and so to have it covered for damage or loss is perhaps a good thing. To this end it is probably better if you do insure your stuff, independently if necessary. The removal company should, at the very least, be able to provide you with the details of an insurer previous clients have used.

One piece of advice that a removal company will almost certainly give you is, don’t drive your car between states yourself instead, hire a professional car transporter to take it for you. The reason why this advice will be given is because the removal company would have almost certainly had at least one instance where their client never turned up at the delivery address on time, due to car trouble during their move. In these instances, the removal company has no alternative but to add an additional charge for the time they waste waiting for you to arrive. In some instances, if the clients do not turn up within a reasonable time, the removal company will be forced to offload your furniture at a storage warehouse, in order to start their return trip. If this happens, it is you that will have to pay the bill for storage and you will have to pay it before your belongings are released. You will of course, need to hire another removal truck to carry your furniture from the warehouse to your home.

Other advice that the removal companies may be able to assist you with, are the best methods to pack your different belongings, such as large TVs, freezers and other large or heavy objects. They will certainly advice you that your fridge and freezer will have to be defrosted at least 24 hours prior to transporting and that any appliances like lawn mowers, should have all the fuel removed before they are loaded to the truck. The last box on and therefore the first box off, should always contain some tools for packing and unpacking, like a hammer.