Recycling Plastic

In manufacturing today, an ever increasing amount of plastic is being used and as plastic, when it has served its purpose, can become an environmental health hazard when disposed of; we must find an increasing number of ways in which we can recycle it. Fortunately, comfortable plastic garden chairs can be made from recycled plastic and that is a start but is hardly enough to use all the waste plastic generated from empty plastic bottles alone. There is of course other furniture that can be made from recycled plastic and that furniture is also made but not in a quantity that will eliminate the problem. Unfortunately although recycled plastic is an excellent material for use in making garden or even patio furniture as it is weather proof and long lasting, it isn’t necessarily the ideal material for all furniture that we may use inside the house. Although wood can be used for garden furniture, when it gets wet it takes longer to dry and will eventually rot, whereas recycled plastic furniture needs only to be wiped dry and will look as good as new. Although recycled plastic is completely weather proof, that is not a quality we necessarily look for in the furniture we use in our homes and so for that furniture, we may well use other materials, ones that may look a little more homely and comfortable. In an effort to help the environment though, we should not discard the possibility of using recycled furniture in some of the rooms in our homes though. A bathroom, because the atmosphere is often very damp, recycled plastic furniture is perhaps ideal, as it is in the kitchen where it can be prone to water and heat. Recycled plastic could also be used to make the furniture that you have in your dining room, not because there is any real danger of it becoming wet but because it is sturdy and depending on the design, can be very comfortable whilst eating a meal. I have to admit though, that even with the ingenuity of modern designer; many people will think that recycled plastic furniture would look out of place in living rooms.

One of plastic’s very qualities is also its worst enemy and that is that it is weather proof and durable. Although plastic can easily be made and used for an assortment of purposes, it is not so easy to dispose of and when we do try to dispose of it, we release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere which in turn could damage both our environment and ourselves. Today it is estimated that 12% of all solid waste produced today is plastic. This is a dramatic increase in a relatively few number of years as in 1960, plastic accounted for less than 1% of all our waste. As more uses are found for plastic, we must match those uses by being able to use recycled plastic and thereby reduce the amount that actually becomes waste. We can all play our part by at least looking at the various recycled furniture available, before we opt for another option.