Contemplating Moving

Imagine this; you hire a removal company to move your belongings from your old house to your new house in a different state. The company arrives at your house and your belongings are loaded onto the truck and you arrange to meet the truck at your new house at a certain time, no problem. You clean up your house, get in your car and set off on your way. Your intention is that you will overtake the removal truck and be waiting at your new house for it to arrive. Unfortunately, although you had overtaken the truck and were making good time, after you had stopped for snack, your car wouldn’t start. As the problem was not something that you could fix there and then, you needed to find a mechanic to come and look at the car and once he had found the problem, ordered and acquired the part needed to make the car movable, you look at your watch. There is now no way that you will be able to be at the new house in time to meet the removal truck.

This is a scenario that can and does happen in real life and so to avoid you be a statistic for such an incident, if you are planning on relocating, there are certain precautions and actions you should take especially if you are moving from one state to another which entails a great number of miles. First check the references or do other checks on your interstate removalists. As with the above scenario though, it isn’t just the removal company that could give you problems. First consider if it is in your best interests to drive your own car all the way to your new home; think of the mileage, the wear and tear on the car and the wear and tear on yourself driving all those miles. It may be a wiser decision to make your own way to the new location separate from your car and have your car transported there.

Whether you fail to meet the removal truck on time due to a problem you had or whether it was a problem the removal company had, you will want to know what will happen to your belongings in such an unfortunate case. The chances are that they will be placed in a storage facility and, certainly if it was due to your fault, you will be expected to pay any storage fees plus a fee for delivering your possessions from storage to your house.
Obviously if you have to move, both your possessions and your car will have to move with you but, how they get there is up to you so, don’t take any chances, insure everything and think things through thoroughly. Once you do that, moving between states or even countries need not be much more trouble than just moving next door. Without insurance and forethought though, interstate moving could become your biggest nightmare, one that you could have avoided and should have.