Claims Against Breach Of Contract By A Caterer

Availing of a catering service to prepare the food of your guests in your party and celebration is not a guarantee that the food that your guests would eat will be safe. Likewise, it is not a guarantee that there will be no untoward incident of food poisoning along the way. Hence, before you hire a catering service, you should insure that you sign a contract with the catering service—a contract that delineates the limitations and obligations of the catering service, in case something, like food poisoning, happens.

Food poisoning is the worst thing that could ever happen after the celebration of an important event. It may bring shame and indignity to you and your family who organized the event. Hence, in case it occurs, you should readily file a legal suit against the catering service. Food poisoning likewise falls under the category of personal injury, and therefore you are entitled to claims against personal injury.

Personal Injury Further Explained

If you suffer or experience personal injury due to defective service or consumer product, you can recover damage through the different claims that you can file. First, you can file a negligence claim. This claim against the party involved is based on the negligence of the party to act reasonably and thoughtfully which inadvertently caused injury to you. You are also entitled to a liability claim on the basis of defective product against the catering service you have hired. The bases of these claims are strict product liability, breach of implied warranty, and negligence. Likewise, there is an obvious breach of contract between you and your caterer in case of food poisoning. Hence, you can file a claim against your caterer on the basis of breach of contract. Since the food that is part and parcel of your contract with your caterer wasn’t fit enough to be eaten, you are not entitled to pay your caterer, and you can further sue the said service for damage to your guests.

Filing a Suit

In case you intend to file a suit against your caterer, you should readily file a suit at the soonest time possible. You should gather all the necessary proofs to back up your lawsuit. Likewise, you should hire a lawyer to represent you and your guests. It would become difficult for you, if you dilly-dally in filing a suit against the caterer because the evidence may soon become unavailable. Hence, you should gather all the evidence that would readily prove that the food that they provided your guests was really contaminated and spoiled. Likewise, you should also prove that those who ate the food that the caterer had served had become sick due to the food.

The hassles associated with food poisoning and the intricacies of filing a lawsuit and proving that you were indeed a victim of personal injury, and the stigma that you may experience for putting in jeopardy the health and safety of your friends, may become very difficult for you. Yet, a timely action and lawsuit against your caterer can help you assuage the impact of such happening. If you want to find a catering service that you can readily trust because of its high standard of service, you can visit caterers Indianapolis.