AR15 Rifle Scopes

As the AR15 is perhaps one of the most popular rifles, scopes for the AR15 are some of the most popular scopes. The AR15 is perhaps as popular as it is due to its versatility and it is that same versatility which means that there is such a wide variety of scopes to choose from when you want to buy one. Obviously the users of rifles like the AR15 are the military, law enforcement agencies and hunters but also some gun enthusiasts also like to use it. A military man will need a scope which is rugged, tough enough to take into a combat situation yet light enough not to hamper their movements. Although different militaries around the world opt to use different scopes, the US military as well as the British and Israeli militaries has opted to use the Trijicon scope and it has already proved to be suitable for combat situations and effective in both the Iraq and Afghanistan war zones. Some other militaries around the world have opted to use the scope produced by the Leupold Company which has already been shown to be effective in use by several law enforcement agencies in recent years. The Millet Company was founded in 1970 and it produces some good scopes, even today after being bought up by the Bushnell Company in 2005. These scopes have been reliably used by militaries, law enforcement, hunters and enthusiasts alike for more than four decades now. BSA are a renowned producer of military hardware and since their founding have built weapons for submarines, tanks and all manner of other weapons but apart from those, they also make scopes. Today the company no longer builds military hardware but continues to make their scopes which although of a high quality, still have an affordable price. Although the NCStar Company of California, which was founded in 1997, does not make scopes of such high quality as some of the other makers, their scopes can still allow a shooter to put a hole in most targets without having to pay a lot of money. Nikon are associated with cameras and movie making but as both of those also use optics, they also make high quality binoculars and scopes. Despite a Nikon scopes high quality, they are still available at affordable prices. Although because of the versatility of the AR15 no one scope is ideal for every type of use the rifle can be put to and so, many people have their own view as to which is the best scope for ar 15 uses. When looking to buy a scope for an AR15, you will therefore have to consider the use for which you intend to use it, the price you are willing to pay and the type of attachment your AR15 has for fitting a scope. Even knowing these different things you will still have a variety to choose from and so many people opt to read different reviews for scopes before they go to the store.