Build Positive Relationships With Your Subordinates

You have to do more than just provide people with jobs. In fact, if you wish to keep your employees, you should build long and lasting relationships with them. Try to be good to the people who are working for you and they might increase their productivity. Also, when you gain the trust of your employees, it would be possible for you to improve employee retention as well. One of the main reasons why workers leave where they’re working is because they’re unhappy with their workplace and superiors. From time to time, you could try talking to your staff members, treating them to nice things or buying things for them out of the money coming from your own pocket. Even though you might have to spend time and money just so you could establish rapport between employees, you could at least invest your time and resources wisely when you do so. Instead of being a pushover, you should take these things into consideration and apply them in your workplace as soon as possible.

Even though your workers may not be saying a lot to you, sure enough, they’re constantly thinking of something. Much like you, they may have opinions that they wish to be heard. To make sure that you give them the opportunity to be heard, you could set up weekly or monthly meetings at least. During meetings, it is important that you should encourage them to speak their mind so that they would be able to fully express themselves. However, since they may not speak right away because they may be intimidated, you should consult with them privately and individually. Make an effort to talk to the people who are in your office so that you could check up on them. Who knows? Troubles may be happening behind your back. You could do something about or prevent conflicts when you let your workers report problems to you and when you settle matters before they become worse. When you solve people’s problems, you could boost your reputation and increase your employees’ confidence in you.

Treat your workers from time to time by letting them eat quality foods that are sold by restaurants. You could ask them to go have snacks or dinner with you when they’re free or after work. You could bond with them better when you provide them with sustenance and rich dining experience. However, make sure that you allot a certain amount so that you don’t end up spending more than what you should.

To show your good will or as your reward to workers, you could try giving promotional gifts. You could give corporate toys or formal clothes for presents, whether or not there are occasions. When you show people that you’re nice to them, some if not most or all of them would be encouraged to do the same. Of course, there are rarely people who are never grateful to those who have helped them or showed them kindness in any way. But, when you buy stuff for people, it is important that you don’t get those that are overly expensive so that you don’t give folks the wrong ideas about what you’re doing.